Welcome to TranceFurs

Just lay back and relax, you know why you're here, slipping nice and deep now...

The TranceFurs network is dedicated to providing a safe hangout place for those in the furry community who have an interest in Hypnosis. From just relaxation, to the more kinky side, come and stop past for a chat.

TranceFurs Network provides IRC servers, internet radio station, and even game servers for its members to use. We hope you enjoy your stay, (what you may remember of it) and hope you enjoy our services!.

TranceFurs - New Google Plus Art Community!!


Come and join us in viewing wonderful furry hypno art! click TranceFurs Hypno Art and join to see!

TranceFurs - HAPPY NEW YEAR! - Mail Server Fixed!


!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Finally mail server is fixed so activation emails wont end up in your junk mail anymore!

TranceFurs - New Server Hardware!


New server hardware on its way!!! We are upgrading in a rather majour way. Get reddy for propper game servers and more!!!

TranceFurs - Nick Registration


Nick resitration has been fixed. You will now be emailed your cofirmation code before your nick is fully resitered! This was something that should of been fixed a long time ago but was put on the back burner. This now works.

TranceFurs - Revamp of Services


Services will be getting a new lease on life over the coming month and a bit. Stay tuned for more info as it happens.

TranceFurs - Pocketwatch moving!


Pocketwatch is now down for a little as the server is moving. If you connect via pocketwatch then don't worry the wizards have been at work and you will now still be able to use the same server address. If there are any issues please let us know!

TranceFurs - New site additions!


Recently there has been a little bit of action going on in the background in relation to game servers and even with the web site. Website updates are going to be a lot more easy now!


Check out our new game servers by clicking here Dont forget to register if you want to play.

TranceFurs - Pocketwatch Back up!.


Pocketwatch server is currently back online!

TranceFurs - Pocketwatch Currently down.


Pocketwatch server is currently Down - please use spiral for the moment. Sorry for hickup.